He was a descendent of Sage Bhrigu. His wife was Renuka. His sons are Sushena,Vasu, Viashvavasu and Parashurama. Jamadagni engaged deeply in study and obtained the entire posession of the Vedas.

Jamadagni’s birth

Jamadagni’s mother, Satyavati, was daughter of King Gadhi, a Kshatriya. The Vishnu Purana relates that when Satyavati was pregnant, her Brahman husband, Richika, prepared a concoction for her to eat for the purpose of securing that her son should be born with the qualities of a Brahman. He also gave another concoction to her mother that she might bear a son with the character of a warrior. The women changed the messes, and so Jamadagni, the son of Richika, was born as a warrior-Brahman, and Vishvamitra, son of the Kshatriya Gadhi, was born as a priest.

Jamadagni & Renuka

Renuka was an embodiment of chastity. This chastity enabled her to perform feats others coudnt imagine. Everyday she used to bring water from the river in a pot made of unbaked clay. One day while she was fetching the water from the river a handsome Gandharva named Chitraratha was passing by in a chariot. For a split second Renuka was infatuated for the handsome being. This weakened her  powers and the pot dissolved in the river. Afraid to go back she waited near the riverbed. Sage  Jamadagni through his powers came to know of all that had happened. He called his sons and asked them to go and behead Renuka. None of the sons were willing to do it except for Parashurama. The other sons were turned to stone. Parashurama went and beheaded his mother with the axe. He was the embodiment of obidiency. Jamadagni was pleased and told Parashurama to ask for boons. Parashurama asked that his mother be brought back to life and that his brothers be revived.