He was the father of the famous Dronacharya & Garga. Bharadwaja’s wife was Susheela. He was also the disciple of Sage Valmiki. Marudwaja Devatas found him abandoned as a boy and brought him up and taught all that they knew about the Vedas.

Bharadwaja & Indra

The sage performed rigorous penance with the wish of learning more about the Vedas. Indra appeared
before him and created 3 mountains. He took 3 handfulls from the mountains and said “Bharadwaja the learning you have is like the handful of mud and the Vedas are like the three mountians. This doesnt mean you know very little. In fact you know more about the Vedas than the Devas. As much as it is important to learn, it is more important to spread what one has learnt. Pray to Almighty Shiva to bless the yagna”

Bharadwaja & Shiva

Sage then went to see Lord Shiva in Mount Kailas. There Shiva and Parvati were budy in the divine dance. Parvathi saw the sage and smiled. The dance continued for many days. The Sage was paralyzed and fell. Shiva and Parvati then revived the Sage and blessed him

Bharadwaja, Abhyavarti & Divodasha
Once the Vaarshikas invaded the kingdom of Abhyavarti. Divodasha also arrived to assist Abhyavarti. The Vaarshika demons interrupted religious ceremonies and destroyed dweellings and killed the people of the kingdom. Abhyavarti and Divodasha fought the Vaarshikas but the demons had the upper hand. Abhyavarti and Divodasha fled from the battlefield and arrived at Sage Bharadwaja’s ashram.
Hearing about what had happened the otherwise embodiment of calm, the Sage was extremely angry. The Sage said ” By your diffidence  you are bringing disgrace to the warder race. Like cowards, you fear a war! Get up, Abhyavarti, arm your bow, and chase away the –  unrighteous demons. For once, remember your people who are suffering like orphans. For their safety, sacrifice your body!” The Kings replied ” You are our Guru who teaches us the path one has to lead. Save us from this unfortunate situation”.  Sage Baradwaja then defeated the demons and restored the Kingdom to Abhyavarti and Divodasha.

Drona’s birth

Once when Rishi Bharadwaja saw the Apsara Ghritachi rising from the river after abulations, his vitality emerged from his body. The Rishi stored this vitality in a pot. Drona was born from this pot. The meaning of Drona is Pot-born.