Vasishta is one of the Saptarishis of this Manvantara. He is the son of Lord Brahma and the Rajaguru of the Suryavamsha or Soalr dynasty. Arundathi was his wife. He is the author of Vasisht Samhita a treatise on electional astrology. He and his family are glorified in a hymn in the Rig Veda.

Yoga Vasishta

Once Lord Rama, the son of Dasaratha returned after completing a pilgrimage of holy places. He was saddened at the trials that a human has to undergo.  Dasaratha called Rama to his palace and asks what is bothering Him. Rama then explains his  disenchantment with worldly things and expresses sadness at the miserable life as a worldly man. Then Sage Vasishta starts answering the questions poed by Lord Rama. This is the context and content of the scripture called “Yoga Vasishta”

 Vasishta and Kalmashapada

Once King Kalmashapada was going in his chariot. Sakthi, Vasishta’s son encountered the chariot in the forest. The rules demanded that a chariot always give way to saints, old men, men carrying a burden, pregnant women, saint etc. But King Kalmashapada ordered Sakthi to move away from the path. Sakthi cursed that the king become a Raksasha (demon). The king became a rakshasa and true to his character lost all sight of righteousness and seeked Sakthi and killed him. Vasishta was saddened at the turn of events especially since Sakthi’s wife Adrushyanti, was pregnant. In a few days she gave birth to a son. Vasishta named him Parashara. 

Once when Adrushyanti was gathering twings in the forest. she came across the raksasha.  Adrushyanti was scared. Vasishta uttered a few syllables and Kalmashapada could not do anything. He then gave the true forn to Kalmashapada. When Parashara wanted to seek revenge Vasishta adviced him not to do so. This showed the level of perfection that Sage Vasishta had attained