Kutsa Maharishi is a Saptarishi of this Manvantara. Each Rishi is has their own speciality, Maharishi Kutsa stands for sweetness. It is said that of the 82 suktas in the Rudram, about 65 are the outpourings of Maharishi Kutsa. It is also stated that Kutsa Maharishi expalined the allegories of the first laws of celestial bodies.

Kutsa Maharishi & Prokshana Mantram

The Prokshana Mantram goes as follows “Om Bhoo: Om Bhuvaha: Om Suvaha”. It is said that water is a purifier. The water gets the ability to purify anything that it touches. This power is rested upon water through the Prokshana Mantram. The Taittriya Samhita states that the Mantra Drishtas of the above mantra are none other than Atri, Bhrigu & Kutsa Maharishi.