Gautama Rishi is one of the Saptarishi’s of this Manvantara. The Rig & Sama Vedic mantras that go with his name. He belongs to the lineage of Angiras. His sons were Vamadeva, Nodhas, Shatananda. He was one of the earliest writers on Law. He authored the Gautama Dharma Sutra.

Gautama & Ahalya

Ahalya was the daughter of Lord Brahma. At the appropriate time the Lord announced that whosoever goes around the Earth first shall win Ahalya’s hand. Gautama Rishi went around the divine cow thus fulfilling the condition. Ahalya and Gautama Rishi were married.

Gautama & Indra

The Ramayana tells the story of how Lord Indra was cursed by the Rishi. Once Rishi Gautama went to bathe in the river. At that time Indra saw Ahalya and was fascinated by her. He took the form of Gautama Rishi, approached her & made love to her. While he was returning, the Rishi saw him and cursed that he should have a thousand female genitals (Sahasrayoni). He cursed Ahalya that she should turn to stone. Later the great Rishi modified his curse and made Indra the thousand eyed one (Sahasraaksha). He gave the boon to Ahalya that when Raama touches the stone, she would retutn to her original form and return to him.

Gautama & Varuna

Gautama Rishi was a person without ego. When the people of the land suffered a draught, the Maharishi set out to meditate upon Lord Varuna.  Pleased with his singlemindedness, Lord Varuna appeared. The Rishi asked Varuna for rain.  Lord Varuna expalined “The Law demands that there should not be rain in the place for this period of time. I cannot go against the Law since the all five forces are governed by Lord Shiva.  Ask me anything else.” Maharishi immediately requested for a an incessant supply of water in the reservoir. Thus Gautama Rishi saved many people.