Kashyapa is one of the Saptarishis of this Manvantara. Saptarishis are regarded as the patriarchs of Vedic Religion. Kashyapa was the son of Marichi & the grandson of Brahma. Kashyapa was the father of the Devas, Asuras, Aryaman, Mitra, Pusan, Varuna, Nagas, Garuda, Vamana, Agni, Adityas, Daityas & all of humanity. Hence he is also referred to as the projenitor, Prajapati. His lineage continued as Ikshvakus, Raghuvamsha and then leading to Lord Rama. He was the author of the treatise Kashyapa Samhita, which is a classical reference book in the fields of Ayurvedic Paediatics, Gynecology and Obstetrics.  The Indian valley of Kashmir is named after the great Sage.

Sage Kashyapa and Serpant Takshaka

This is one of the stories involving Sage Kashyapa. Maharaja Parikshith, the grandson of the Pandavas is cursed by a Brahmin boy that he would die within seven days from a bite of a serpent. Upon hearing this Maharaja Parikshith goes to the Naimasaryana forest to hear the Bhagavatham from Sukha Maharishi. Takshaka, one of the Nagas in order to revenge the Pandavas for the wrongs committed upon his race and to uphold the curse of the Brahmin boy proceeded to kill Maharaja Parikshith.    

On hearing that Maharaja Parikshith will be killed by Takshaka, Sage Kashyapa sets out to save the Kings life. Sage Kashyapa is well-versed in Mantras and has the power to neutralize the serpent’s poison.  Kashyapa and Takshaka meet. Takshaka challenges Kashyapa that nothing can counter his poison.  Takshaka to show the strength of his poison bites a huge tree. The tree is burned to ashes. Kashyapa chants the mantras and restores the tree.  

Takshaka then tries to convince Sage Kashyapa that since there is a curse, that too by a Brahmin boy, the consequences have to be faced.  Takshaka also offers the Sage Kashyapa riches and wealth. Sage Kashyapa with his divya-dristi (looking into the future) sees that Maharaja Parikshith’s end is near. Being in need of money, Sage Kashyapa accepts the riches and returns back. 

Upon returning, Kashyapa repents for the greed of money. To atone for what he sees as sin, Sage Kashyapa goes to Tirupati and repents wholeheartedly. He smells something burning and realizes that his sins are being burnt away.